Advanced Eye Care Technology

Advanced medical diagnostic technologies previously only available in major medical centers are now available to area eye doctors and patients alike. We pride ourselves on our ability to stay up to date on the latest advancements in diagnostic technology and incorporate this technology into our electronic health records to facilitate efficient and top quality eye care. At Tech Ridge Vision, computerized examination instruments are used to supplement, rather than replace, personalized care and physician expertise.

All procedures are covered by medical insurance and are priced based on the Medicare fee schedule, providing low out of pocket expenses for the uninsured and patients with high or unmet deductibles.

Marco 3-D Wave™ HD Vision Tester

This technology quickly scans the eye for a wavefront analysis of your HD vision prescription, night vision prescription, pupil size, corneal shape and cataracts. In short, the system gives us vision diagnostic capabilities that in the past were simply unavailable.


Zeiss Cirrus™ HD-OCT

This laser retinal scanner provides wide field, high resolution scans for examination of retinal thickness and contour, optic nerve topography, as well as iris and corneal position. This instrument is helpful in obtaining retinal analysis for a wide variety of eye conditions, ranging from chronic conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration to acute conditions such as retinal detachment, stroke, or tumor. It also provides advanced diagnostic imaging of the front of the eye for evaluation of eye tumors, lens implant complications, cataracts, cornea disease and glaucoma.


Zeiss Visucam Pro™

This retinal camera documents various eye diseases, facilitating diagnosis and better medical management. This instrumentation is invaluable to an eye care physician because it is our best means of distinguishing between a stable and a progressing condition. Retinal photography is useful in managing such conditions as eye tumors, glaucoma, diabetic eye care, hypertensive eye care, floaters, and retinal tears or detachments.


Konan™ Specular Microscope

This microscope provides a corneal cell count and high resolution corneal evaluation for advanced diagnosis of corneal disorders such as Fuch’s dystrophy, corneal edema, lens implant complications from cataract surgery, and gradual cell damage from long-term wear of contact lenses or dry eye syndrome.


TelScreen™ EyeRes Digital Imaging

This imaging system allows us to record high resolution video and photography of all structures of the eye so that we may provide medical image documentation of disease or therapy progression. We have also found this system to be an excellent way for us to educate you on your eye health status.


Humphrey Matrix® Perimeter


This technology allows for accurate assessment of neurological conditions such as stroke and brain tumors, as well as vision disorders such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. It accurately evaluates for central and peripheral visual field loss.