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original_EyewearToday, styles in eyewear are more diverse than ever. Eyewear can have a huge role in your overall appearance, style, and even attitude. We provide an extensive selection of optometry products at our Austin practice with more than 500 designer frames and sunglasses, children’s frames, and even specialty eyewear for sports and safety protection.

Like everywhere else in our world, technology continues to advance in the optical industry, and Tech Ridge Vision is committed to staying at the forefront of this. Ask our doctor and opticians about new “high-definition” lenses and digitally designed lenses, especially if you’ve noticed eyestrain at the computer or nighttime glare on the road. We ensure that your lenses are made of optically superior lens materials and with high quality lens coatings.

At Tech Ridge Vision, our optometrists are certified by the American Board of Opticians and their more than 40 combined years of experience will help you find the right eyewear to provide you with the best comfort and vision, as well as help you understand any available insurance benefits you may have. Outside prescriptions are welcome. Even if you don’t have an appointment for an eye exam, come by and visit our optical and enjoy a complimentary lens cleaning and frame adjustment, and feel free to bring by your damaged glasses for repair.

To contact our optometry specialist directly, please call our Austin practice.

Contact Lenses

Federal law requires annual eye exams for renewal of contact lens prescriptions. There are many reasons for this law, but the most important is to evaluate the eye for potential problems and correct any misuse or abuse of contact lens wear. Dirty, worn out lenses, dirty cases, improper lens care and over-wear of lenses can all lead to discomfort and dryness. Dry or damaged lenses may cause micro-corneal abrasions that can lead to possible infections that are painful and potentially sight-threatening. Contact lens abuse also deprives the cornea of oxygen and leads to rapid deterioration of its innermost layer. Cells lost there cannot be replaced and, when too many are lost, vision can be permanently reduced. For this reason, we encourage all contact lens patients to receive a screening with our endothelial specular microscope.

Our doctor provides comprehensive cornea and contact lens care to all patients interested in wearing contacts. During your contact lens exam, your doctor will evaluate your eyes and discuss with you which type of contact lens will best suit your individual needs. All contact lens fits are custom fit to each patient’s eyes to provide optimum comfort and vision.

We have an extensive selection of contacts available at Tech Ridge Vision, including soft daily disposable lenses, disposable silicone hydrogel lenses, toric lenses, rigid gas-permeable contacts, CRT/ortho-keratology lenses, lenses for the treatment of keratoconus, and lenses for the treatment of blur resulting from radial keratotomy and LASIK surgeries.

We are able to fit our patients in lenses to correct for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, and keratoconus.

You may now conveniently order your year’s supply of contacts online through our website and still be eligible for all available rebates. Your contacts may be picked up at the office or delivered directly to your home, free of charge.

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