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Our board-certified opticians at Tech Ridge Vision have decades of experience helping their patients find the eyeglasses that are right for them. Our Austin practice has an excellent selection of frames that includes both classic and modern styles. Dr. Lester Kitchen will help you choose the lens package that fits your needs and send you home with a comfortable, stylish new pair of glasses. If you wish to schedule an appointment, contact Tech Ridge Vision today, or stop by for a complimentary lens cleaning and frame adjustment.

Make a Statement

Popular eyeglass styles have changed dramatically over the years, making fashion statements that reflect the era. From the ever-evolving classic horn-rimmed frames to the thin and modern frames, eyeglasses say something about our fashion sense and our personality. At Tech Ridge Vision, we provide the highest quality eyewear in a number of different styles.

Types of Lenses

In order to cater to all of our patients’ needs, we offer many types of eyeglass lenses at our Austin practice.

  • Single vision lenses are used most often and are designed for patients who need the same optical focal point over the entire area of the lens.
  • Bifocal lenses are split with a segment line to correct both near- and farsightedness.
  • Progressive lenses provide a smooth transitional correction for patients who need correction for near- and farsightedness.


Protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays is incredibly important to maintaining the health of your eyes. UV radiation from the sun can damage your eyelids and corneas and may cause certain types of cataracts.

We also have a great selection of prescription sunglasses including polarized glasses to protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays and relieve discomfort caused by reflective glare. Whether you need single, bifocal, or progressive correction, our sunglasses can accommodate you.

Sports Lenses

If you or your children participate in sports and need to protect your eyes from impact or damage, ask us about our prescription protective eyewear. Our expert eye doctor can prescribe and properly fit you with the proper eyeglasses that will protect your eyes from injury, improve your game, and make a fashion statement. We also provide prescription swimming goggles for patients who get their exercise in the pool.

Caring for Your Glasses

It is important to take good care of your eyeglass frames and lenses to ensure that they stay clear and comfortable. Your lenses should be washed daily using a non-abrasive microfiber cloth and special eyeglass cleaning solution. When not in use, store your glasses in their designated case to keep them from getting damaged. Tech Ridge Vision provides complimentary cleanings and frame adjustments, so come on by and we’ll tune them up for you. If your glasses need repair, we provide a service for that as well.

Learn More about Eyeglasses

Dr. Kitchen will make your time at Tech Ridge Vision enjoyable and stress-free, whether you need a new pair of glasses or to have your existing pair repaired. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.